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I was very impressed. I loved the ease of using my Paypal account.


The best pediatric supply have ever found. Thank you.


As a parent of an asthmatic infant I don't have time to read details on what's included with a mask...your site was perfect and detailed in an easy way to read. Thanks so much!


I am very pleased with this site. The prices were so low they shocked me. It makes it much easier on parents to make breathing treatments not such a horrible experience for the little ones when money's tight. Thank you.


Your website is great, the only one of it's kind that I have found.

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About Pediatric Supplier

Pediatric Supplier, Inc is a Durable Medical Equipment Provider with Medical Supplies for Pediatrics such as nebulizer machine, nebuliser mask, medical mask, disposable supplies, portable nebulizer for treatments of Asthma, Bronchiolitis, Bronchitis, HAD, RAD, URI and many other respiratory diagnosis.

From portable handheld to convenient tabletop nebulizer systems, Pediatric Supplier features products to meet all your respiratory care needs. Affordable nebulizer accessories, such as infant and child masks, nebulizer sets, filters and nebulizer parts, allow you to customize your nebulizer and keep it in perfect working condition. Selecting a colorful nebulizer designed just for kids enhances cooperation and results. Peak flow meters and oximeters help you monitor progress from your own home